Monday, September 28, 2020

The Adams Family

 While working on the DNA matches to try to shed some light on the Peverelle mystery, I discovered some amazing leads into my Adams family.

Prior to today, I had considered Thomas Adams and Elizabeth Slack , who married in 1795 to be the parents of my ancestor Eliza Ann Adams.

I now believe it more likely that Thomas Adams and Elizabeth Betteridge, who were also married in 1795 are the parents of Eliza Ann.  

I had the same siblings for Eliza Ann, all baptized as children of Thomas Adams and Elizabeth in Aston.

When Eliza Ann married her first husband, John Hawkesford, in 1835, the witnesses were John Adams and Sarah Sophia Adams.

When Eliza Ann married my ancestor Lewis Peverelle in 1839, her father is listed as Thomas Adams, farmer.

There are numerous DNA matches between descendants of Eliza Ann Adams and descendants of the other children of Thomas Adams and Elizabeth.

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