Thursday, October 15, 2020

Today I am watching "Dealing with Endogamy" at Legacy Webinars

Today I am watching a new webinar that is available for free for a limited time at Legacy Webinars. The webinar is Paul Woodbury's "Dealing with Endogamy"

I often work with DNA where endogamy is an issue (French Canadian and Acadian).

I will confess that all this Covid-19 stuff has really messed up my 2020 plans.  I had planned to attend many in-person genealogy events this year, and now have been at home for months :(

It is really great to be able to access these webinars and keep up with genealogical topics that interest me from my cozy home!

I use most, if not all, of the methods discussed in this webinar but I will confess that dealing with endogamy in DNA results is very challenging.

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