Thursday, October 16, 2014

FREE, yes FREE Autosomal DNA Transfer to FTDNA

2017 UPDATE! This is no longer the method to upload to FTDNA.  Please click here for info on the the new, FREE without referring 4 people upload to FTDNA.  Also, FTDNA is now accepting 23andMe v4 kits.

There is a very exciting new option today if you have tested your autosomal DNA at 23andMe (v3 only) or AncestryDNA.  You can upload your data FREE to FTDNA, and see your top 20 matches. 

If you refer 4 people to also upload their data FREE, you will unlock the full FTDNA Family Finder features. 

This means that you can transfer your AncestryDNA results FREE to FTDNA and be able to see matching segment data.  I expect this will be a huge success for FTDNA and grow their database very fast.

If you have tested at AncestryDNA, create your FREE FTDNA account, upload your data, then invite your top matches to do the same.

Here are the links of the people who have posted, please use them so we can get as many free unlocks as possible! PLEASE post a comment below this post when your link transfer is complete (all 4 referrals are done) so I can remove your link and other people will get theirs done faster.  Thanks! for Ang Robertson (Jack) for Ang Robertson (Joy) for Ang Robertson (Pat) for Kathleen Gardner for Shirese Louie #1 for Shirese Louie#2 for Shirese Louie #3 for Shirese Louie #4 for Tiffany Smith for Candy Johnson for Katie Harrell for St. Louis girl nonya for Jennifer luvschickens for Linda Mearse for Nia Williams for Michelle Wu for Brienne Leslie for Ben Jewitt for Betsy Redtail for Amber Simmons for Laura Wood for Shelly Rio for Kim Mills #1 for Kim Mills #2 for Jeremy Ferrell for EV Haley for Sarah Evans for Sandra Goodall for Bobby Larkin for Rose Red for Shawn P. for Sally Cole for Steve Wayment for Anna Wu for "Duchess of York" for Abigail Weaver for Kelvin Laffoon for Shawn Brown for Clay Blankenship for J Jones for Tony Badger for Don C for Cody M

Once I unlock all the kits of my family members I will switch it out with someone else's until they get 4 and then I will switch it out with a new persons link, so if you you are going for the Free unlock please post your link in the comments below and comment a reply to your comment when you have received 4 referrals so I can switch to a new persons link.

I have unlocked 10 so far, for Richard, Brandon, Pauline, Samuel, Sandra,Tiffany, Toni, Donald, Malcolm and Peggy.    The current link is for Cherie, first in the comments :)  

You will see a page like this:

You need to enter the name of the kit you are uploading and if they are male/female.  Make sure you are NOT logged into FTDNA already (even in another browser tab).  You need a new account (not a new email but a new login ID/password) for each PERSON.  

If you "Already have a Family Tree DNA Account" (with Y-DNA or mtDNA but NOT FamilyFinder) it has to be for the same PERSON as the PERSON who submitted the DNA for the upload you are about to do.  (ie. you want to upload your mothers data, you don't log into YOUR account, but make a new one for her, but you can use your email)

The page you will see after you upload your data looks like this:

Clicking on the "Unlock for FREE" button will give you a customized code which you can Copy to paste. As people click your link and upload you get credited towards the Free unlock, which you can track looking at the "Unlock for FREE button" again. It will be a popup box and look like this:

I would like to mention that at this time the transfers are getting their first 20 matches FAST.  As in within hours.  The website claimed 1 to 2 business days which was already amazing, but I have already received the notice that the first wave of matches is ready on two of the transferred accounts which were transferred less than 6 hours ago!

After your kit is unlocked consider uploading to Geni, see details here

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