Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DNA cousins on 23andMe

Since we match DNA on 23andMe (or you match DNA with some relative of mine whose account I manage) I will now be attempting to see which ancestor(s) we have in common.  To start this process I need to know the names of your 4 grandparents and when/where they were born.  Even if all you know is approximate dates or countries or states and not cities as much as you know will be a great starting point. 

If you have any other relatives that have tested on 23andMe, please tell me this as well, as it will help me to narrow down the possible ancestors or focus on the most likely areas of the family tree. 

If you have a public family tree on ancestry.com, please send me a link to you on that tree.  I am unable to locate trees on ancestry.com by name of family tree (if anyone out there knows how to do this please tell me!)

If you haven't had any other relatives tested on 23andme, please consider doing so.  It helps a great deal to be able to sort your matches according to which parent or grandparent they are related to.

I record all these matches in a Genome Mate Pro.  This way I can see who else I match in the same segment, or overlapping segments to see if they also match each other.  If you also record your matches in a spreadsheet (which I highly recommend) then I would appreciate hearing who else  you match in the same segment so I can see if they also match me.

If you can add a picture to your 23andMe profile it really helps.

If you can upload your raw data to GEDMATCH that also helps more people that match you find you and helps to be able to view data not displayed at 23andme (smaller than 5 cM shared segments etc.).  You can read more on GEDMATCH here.

You can transfer your v3 or v4 23andMe raw data to FTDNA FREE http://www.mylinktothepast.com/2017/06/transferring-your-23andme-or.html

It would also be great if you uploaded your DNA data to MyHeritage.com

I am always very happy to see a profile that has either a link to their family tree or a list of 4 grandparents etc.   Blank profiles make me sad :(

You may want to take a peek at a list of direct ancestors for the person you match by clicking one of the links below:

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