Sunday, October 16, 2011

so we're what???

Over the years of genealogy research I have contacted and been contacted by thousands of cousins, some fairly close, and some very distant.  After the initial contact is made, and info is exchanged, it is easy to fall out of contact. 

Personally, I always like to receive notices of births, and marriages and appreciate being informed of deaths etc.  I also like to see photos added to my tree by cousins.

If I have a mistake in my research, please, do tell me!

One thing that would help me tremendously is if you...yes...YOU!!....would test with 23andme. 

23andme does autosomal testing which means it doesnt matter if you are male or female, and it doesnt matter which ancestor we share.   If we are related in any way, we may match autosomal DNA segments.

(for other reasons to take an autosomal DNA test, besides making me happy, see Why take an autosomal DNA test)

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