Monday, December 30, 2013

What is YOUR genealogy "score" ?

Last year on this day I checked my genealogy score. (You can read the original post: What's my number?)

At the end of 2012 my numbers broken down by generation were:

2/2 parents = 100%
4/4 grandparents =100%
8/8 great grandparents =100%
15/16 greatX2 grandparents (93.75%)
30/32 greatX3 grandparents (93.75%)
44/64 greatX4 grandparents (68.75%)
30/128 greatX5 grandparents (23.43%)
23/256 greatX6 grandparents (8.98%)
17/512 greatX7 grandparents (3.32%)
25/1024 greatX8 grandparents (2.44%)

As its now nearly the end of 2013, lets see how well I did in raising that score!***

2/2 parents = 100%
4/4 grandparents =100%
8/8 great grandparents =100%
16/16 greatX2 grandparents (100%)
32/32 greatX3 grandparents (100%)
51/64 greatX4 grandparents (79.69%)
37/128 greatX5 grandparents (28.91%)
33/256 greatX6 grandparents (12.89%)
34/512 greatX7 grandparents (6.64%)
58/1024 greatX8 grandparents (5.66%)

The green highlights the generations with a higher score.  Not bad at all, I have doubled my score in one year!

Here is a recent ancestor graph:

The purple is Canada, the yellowish is USA, The green is United Kingdom (Ireland and England mainly), and the pink is Italy.  

Look at all the blank spaces!   

Again, my goal for 2014 will be to improve my score.  Hopefully by even more than I did this year or it will be decades before

If you share a 8th great grandparent with someone then you are 9th cousins.   As I am quite into genetic genealogy, there is a chance that some of my DNA cousins are even further back than that, so I think that I would like to know my score back a few more generations, so here are my stats for the next 6 generations:

9th great grandparents 102/2048
10th great grandparents 176/4096
11th great grandparents 273/8192
12th great grandparents 328/16384
13th great grandparents 331/32768
14th great grandparent 309/65536

That should cover me back to before the year 1550.  Earlier generations are likely either nobility/royalty or unlikely to be ever discovered.

I would love to see others scores and ancestor graphs.  I hope this post will motivate you to take a second look at those elusive ancestors and improve your score!

Randy Seaver posted a SNGF post that used the method of scoring used by Crista Cowan in her post in 2012.  This method of scoring counts the total of all the ancestors in each generation combined that you know.  Using that method my score is 218 known names out of a possible 1023.  So at the 7th great grandparent level my score that way works out to about 21.31%.

***Note: I used HistoryLink which pulled the data from so there may be slight differences with data in my desktop program.

I'm also going to be doing a series of posts examining how many descendants each ancestor had, using Geni again for a quick, but not necessarily the most accurate, number.

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  1. Are your Irish ancestors from Northern Ireland? If not, they are not part of the UK.