Sunday, October 23, 2011

Andrew R Doyle

***Kristina Lee Hewitt 3rd great grandfather***

Andrew R. Doyle is one of the "brickwalls" in my research. 

Andrew married Angelina Friar on 17 Sept 1860 in Ontario, Canada.

He is listed as age 22 which makes his birth c. 1838.  He was listed as born in Ireland.

His parents are listed as Patrick and Susannah Doyle.

Things are already interesting as it appears there are 2 children already born before they married.

Andrew and Angelina had the following children:

Lorenzo Dow Doyle: born 1856

Lorenzo's death record in 1926 indicates his father was Andrew R Doyle.

Sarah Frances Doyle: born 1859

Sarah Frances's death record indicates her father was Andrew R Doyle.

William Schomberg Doyle: born c 1861

David Philander Doyle: born c 1867

Julia Ann Doyle:  born 1869  ( my direct ancestor).

Sometime later Angelia adopts a boy born in 1885 Charles Shamberg Doyle.

I would love to see the results of autosomal DNA testing on any of the descendants of Andrew Doyle and Angelina Friar, so if you have stumbled onto this blog and you are a descendant please contact me!

Notice two of the children have Shamberg with various spellings as middle names.  This may be a family name from somewhere????  Im guessing it may be Susannah, mother of Andrew Doyle's maiden name was "Schomberg".

From which lists inquests into deaths in the area, I came across this death which is most likely Andrew.

Jan. 18M/-Andrew Doyle
Hope Twp.
R. MaxwellIntoxication and exposure

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