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Albert Peverell and Marie Therese Peverelle - Half-siblings and husband and wife????

 Today I am looking into a couple who I have researched before, and see if I can find anything new.  My Ancestry Record Hints led me to take a fresh look today. The couple is my 3rd great uncle Albert Peverell and his wife Marie Therese Peverelle who is also my 3rd great aunt by blood as well as marriage.  Every record I have seen seems to indicate that Albert and Marie Therese Peverelle were half-siblings who later married.  This seems unlikely to be accurate but is so far what appears to be the situation.  I suspect one of them isn't the person I think they are (ie. one of them is actually a cousin with the same name) but can find nothing to support this theory.

Both Albert and Marie Theresa appear to be children of my 3rd great grandfather Lewis Peverelle, who was born in  1842 in Birmingham, England.  

A bit of background

Lewis married Sarah Ann Pointon in 1863.

Sarah Ann died in 1870.

In 1871 Lewis married Mary Theresa Pippet. Mary Theresa Pippet has been previously married in 1861 to Abel Andrew Morrall , who had died in 1870.

Abel Andrew Morrall had been married to Ann Jane, and Ann Jane had died in 1858.

The documents:

A tax list for Alcester in 1810 shows an Abel Morrall, on land owned by the Marquis of Hertford. This seems a bit early for Abel to be listed, as I estimate his birth as 1793.

In 1818 there is a marriage of an Abel Morrall to a Dinah Garrett.

A Juror's list for Alcester in 1819 lists an Abel Morrall, innkeeper.

In 1836 there is a Voters list which lists an Abel Morrall, abode: Green Lane.

In the 1841 Census for Studley there is an Abel Morrall, age 45, needle m, with wife Dina, also age 45, and Elizabeth, age 20, Abel Andrew, age 15, Helen, age 14, Francis, age 5, and James Durham age 25.

There is a marriage of an Ann Jane Sopere to an Abel Andrew Morrall in 1847 in Studley.

Anne Jane Morrall died in 1858 in Alcester.

In 1866 in Alcester, an Abel Morrall died, age 74.  

In the 1851 Census of England for Studley, I find Abel Andrew Morrall, age 28, needle manufacturer, married to Ann Jane, age 25, with daughter Laura C., age 1. Also in the household are Louisa Davies, age 14, and Laura Davies, age 11, both listed as sisters in law. 3 servants (Austin Wright, age 18; Hannah Hall, 17; and Jane Huit, age 16), and a friend, James Durham, age 40, butcher. 

In the 1861 Census of England for Studley, I find Abel Andrew Morrall, needle manufacturer, married to Mary Theresa, with daughters Louisa Jane, age 6, and Jane Ann, age 4.  They have 3 people living with them identified as servants. They appear to be a groom, house maid, and cook. The address appears to be on Alcester Road.

In a newspaper article in 1881, there is much discussion about Abel Andrew Morrall, needlemaker, son of another Abel Morrall, needlemaker, who apparently used the trademark of a griffin, as another man was selling needles using his name. I see an article as early as 1862 mentioning this trademark. As early as 1845 I see ads mentioning that others are copying these apparently popular needles. The maker of the needles, Abel Morrall apparently died in 1870.

These needles were apparently quite famous, others have webpages with them on there

When Marie Theresa Peverelle (nee Pippet) died in 1881, administration of the estate was granted to her son Abel Edgar Morrall of Prospect House, Needle manufacturer. She is listed as of 101 Pershore Road

Albert Peverelle was born 25 Jun 1868 in Manchester, Lancashire, England.

In the 1871 Census, young "Leo" Peverelle was a visitor in the household with Laura Catherine Morrall. The birthplace is listed as Manchester. Oswald and Percy are also listed as vistors. Laura Catherine was the daughter of Abel Andrew Morrall and his first wife Ann Jane.  If I have the relationships correct this means Albert was at his stepmother (Mary Theresa Pippet)'s stepdaughters house. As Lewis and Mary married in the Apr-May-Jun quarter, it is not clear if they are already married.  The census was apparently taken on Apr 2nd.  On the same census I find Lewis Peverelle, merchant, widower, age 30 living as a boarder at 25 Lever St. The last entry on the previous page was for a Mary Ann Morrell, needle manufacturer, age 30, with no marriage status listed.  This may be Mary Theresa. The birthplace given is Nettlebridge, Somersetshire.

In the 1881 Census of England, there is a Leo Peverelle, age 12

In the 1891 Census of Canada there is a Leo Peverelle, age 23, living in Toronto.  He is listed as a "bro" to my 2nd great grandfather Louis, listed here as Louis Jr.

In 1899 there is a passenger list, from England to South Africa, with a L Peverelle, and Miss Peverelle.

A "L Peverelle" received a medal for service in the "H" Coy Cape Medical Staff in South Africa, Boer War.

There is a 1901 passenger list, with Leo Peverelle, 33, and Mrs. Peverelle, age 29.  They were listed as living in Liverpool.  They were planning to travel to Port Hope, Ontario.  This was where my 2nd great grandfather Louis was living at that time.

In the 1902 city directory for Toronto, there is a listed for a Leo Peverelle.

In the 1905 census for New York, there is a Albert Peverell, with wife Teresa, and daughter Alberta.  They list they were in the USA for 3 years. Albert and Teresa are aliens, daughter Alberta is a citizen.

The child born in 1908 in Athens, Maine is supposedly the 3rd child born to Mary.

On the 9th Apr 1909, Leo Peverelle signed an application for a Land Grant, stating he lived in Athens, Maine, USA.  He claims that during the time of his service he lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He states he served with the British Forces in South Africa from May 2, 1900 to 30 Apr 1901. "Orderly in Field Hospital and Ambulance work"

In the 1910 US Census, for Athens, Maine, there is an Albert Peverelle, married to a Mary.  They have been married 12 years, and she is listed as having 4 children, 2 living.  The two children with them are Alberta M, age 5, and Robert B, age 2. His year of immigration is given as 1885, and Mary's as 1901. He is listed as naturalized.

In the 1920 US Census, there is an Albert Peverelle, married to Mary.  They are now in Connecticut. His year of immigration is given as 1883, and hers as 1900.  Both are listed as naturalized, the year he was naturalized is given as 1900 for him, and nothing entered for her.

In the 1925 New York census, I find Albert and Marie T Peverelle, and children Bernard, Marie, Lucille, Lillian.

In the 1930 US Census, there is an Albert Peverelle, married to Mary.  They are now in New York.  His year of immigration is given as 1885 and hers as 1901.

In the 1940 US Census, they are still in New York, both are listed as naturalized

DNA Findings

A known descendant of Leo and Marie Theresa has DNA tested (RB), and when compared against another known descendant of Lewis Peverelle and Sarah Ann Pointon (JW) they share 213 cM over 12 segments.  Their apparent relationship would be 2nd cousins once removed, if the only relationship was thru Leo.  2nd cousins once removed share on average 106.25 cM.  If Leo and Marie Theresa were half siblings as outlined above, then the two tested would also be half 2nd cousins once removed.

When RB is compared against another known descendant of Lewis Peverelle and Sarah Ann Pointon (KN), who would also be 2nd cousins once removed, the DNA shared is 104 cM across 8 segments.

When RB is compared against yet another known descendant of Lewis Peverelle, who would be a 2nd cousin twice removed (NF) the amount shared is 59 cM over 5 segments.  The average for 2nd cousins twice removed is 53.13.

**DNA connected to the Adams family

When RB is compared against GT they match 24 cM across 2 segments. If I have the relationships correct they would be 4th cousins once removed who share on average 6.64

When RB is compared against AP (who is a shared match with GT and descends from the same brother of Eliza Ann as GT)

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