Sunday, May 17, 2020

Research notes, May 16, 2020

Floundering along here during this crazy pandemic!

Today I went to the National Archives in the UK to get some free downloaded documents.  They are being made available free (up to 50 in a 30 day period) due to the archives being closed.

The first one I chose was the naturalization of my 4th great grandfather Lewis Peverelle.  Years ago I viewed part of this document on the website of a Peverelli cousin.  I am glad I downloaded this document, because it contained additional pages.

I then worked a bit more on adding additional sources to my Ancestry profile for Lewis. I added quite a few more directories, and also a couple Rate books.

I then took a look at the first Ancestry hint, which led me to a great gossipy tale, which I could not resist.  

I had searched for all Peverelli in England.  And got this delightfully gossipy tale in 1892 where Guiseppi Peverelli, who ran the Abbey Hotel in Liverpool testified in support of a man who had tried to divorce his wife.  

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