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Lewis Anthony Joseph Napoleon Peverelle

4th great grandfather of Kristina Hewitt, Brandon Gilby, Tiffany Hewitt, Sandra Foster
great great grandfather of Donald Peverelle
great great grandfather of Malcolm Benn
great great grandfather of Lewis Hewitt and Pauline Hewitt

Lewis was born Luigi Guiseppe Antonio Napoleone Peverelli in Como, Italy  on 17 Mar 1804.

Lewis was the son of Paulo Peverelli and Lucrezia Peverelli.

Lewis married Sophia Round 14 Sep 1828.

The children of Lewis Peverelle and Sophia Round include:

Lewis Edward Peverelle

Charles Peverelle

John Peverelle

Rosa Peverelle

Guiseppe Peverelle

Sophia died 3 Feb 1839.

Pigot's directory 1837

Lewis then married Eliza Adams, 30 Apr 1839 in England.

Eliza had been married to John Hawkesford in 1835, he died, leaving her a widow with a son, John Henry Hawkesford.

Lewis Peverelle household, St. Martin, Birmingham 1841 Census of England

Above is the 1841 census entry for Lewis.  He is listed as a "general dealer" and living with his wife Eliza and Carlo (maybe his son Charles. Carlo is Italian form of Charles, but this Carlo is listed as foreign born....I think this is the Charles who married Esther and later Henrietta Foules- that Charles was born in Italy, the age is right and would be Lewis's nephew) and they have a female servant. (F. S. is the abbreviation for Female Servant in the 1841 census)

Notice the other children from the first marriage (Lewis Edward, John, Rose, Guiseppi) are not present.  My current guess is that the younger ones were away at school and Lewis died sometime prior.

The children of Lewis Peverelle and Eliza Ann Adams include:

Louis Peverelle born in 1842

Joseph Alexander Peverelle b 1845

and Isabella Peverelle born 1850.

Birmingham Directory 1849
This is from "Birmingham: History and general directory of the borough of Birmingham, with the remainder of the parish of Aston...being part of a general history and directory of the county of Warwick" by White, Francis & Co. in 1849

1850 partnership dissolved with Schofield

Lewis Peverelle household, 27 and 28 Edgbaston Street.,St. Martin`s Parish, Birmingham 1851 Census of England
Above is the 1851 Census entry for Lewis Peverelle.  He is listed as a Brace manufacturer.  He is living with his wife Eliza, son Charles, "son in law" J Hawksford" (this is actually his stepson, sometimes then called "son in law", one can see that he is listed as unmarried.), daughter Isabelle, a servant, and a nephew Joseph Dela Porta, an apprentice and another servant.

Lewis Peverelle household, Pershore Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, 1861 Census of England

Above is the 1861 Census entry for Lewis.  He is with his wife Eliza, his son Lewis, son Joseph, a visitor, and a servant.

Above is from an 1861 Corporation and Trades Directory of Birmingham.

London Gazette 1869

Lewis Peverelle household, 54 Pershore Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, 1871 Census of England
Above is the census entry for Lewis Peverelle in 1871.  He is listed as a "merchant" and living with his wife Eliza, daughter Isabella and grandson Lewis H.  Lewis H is likely living here because his mother had just died.

1880 Kelly's Directory of the Clock and Watch Trades for England, Scotland and Wales

Edgbaston, Birmingham, 1881 Census of England
Above is the census entry for Lewis Peverell in 1881.  He is listed as a "general merchant" .  He is living with his daughter Isabella and her husband Francis Wareing.

Lewis died 3 Feb 1883 in Kings Norton, England.

Commercial Gazette, London, England
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