Thursday, May 1, 2014

Win an Ipad Mini from Billiongraves!

Billiongraves is aiming to add a million more records to their site this month.  They are offering a great prize to EVERY account that uploads 50,000 gravestone photos or transcribes 75,000 records. The prize that they are offering is a 16 GB, 4G-LTE capable Apple iPad Mini!   You can read the details here.  This contest is not USA-only.  They estimate that the average user can take 350 photos in an hour.

Apple iPad Mini

Those who are on the leaderboard will also win the pin for May.  And apparently they will be giving away other prizes throughout the month to people on the leaderboard.  I was excited to see such a great prize offered this month.  I still have my T-shirt from last year :)

I am really enjoying (and benefiting from) the greater international content that is available and growing daily at Billiongraves.  My husband and I have already began making an attempt at earning an iPad Mini each....he is taking the photos and I'm transcribing and will start photos as well soon!

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