Sunday, May 4, 2014

SNGF- How many cousins do you know you have ?

Here is my take on the latest Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.

1a) my maternal side: My maternal grandparents are Lewis Hewitt and Doreen Knox.  They had 4 children.  I have 4 maternal first cousins. I have met all 4.  1 of my first cousins has a daughter, so I have one first cousin once removed.  The other 3 have no children.

1b) my paternal side: This is a bit trickier. My paternal grandparents are Allan Gordon Monette and Jean Mulligan. I have met NONE of my paternal first cousins (yet).  3 of my fathers brothers have children. 5+1 +2 = 8 paternal first cousins. Of those 8 first cousins 3 have children. 2+5+1 =8 paternal first cousins once removed.

So total both sides is 12 first cousins, and 9 first cousins once removed

2a) great grandparents Joseph Walter Monette and Anna Victoria Spearman no other cousins 

2b) great grandparents Irvine Mason Ball Mulligan and Lillian Margaret Townsend  2 other children besides my grandmother.  Thorold has 2 children Katherine and Sean. So that is 2 first cousins once removed.  Iris has 3 children Terrance, Laura and Bruce. s 2+3=5 first cousins once removed. Katherine has 2 children and Laura has 3 children so that makes 5 second cousins.

2c) great grandparents Ernest Hewitt and Thelma Peverelle.  4 children besides my grandfather.  One died in early childhood and one was childless. Thelma had at least 7 children and Pauline has 3.
So that is at least 10 first cousins once removed.  There are 7 second cousins from Thelma's children's children.  and 2 children of Pauline's daughter makes 2 second cousins so a total of 9 second cousins from that set of great grandparents.  

2d) great grandparents Samuel Knox and Florence Phillips had 6 other children besides my grandmother.  One (Mary) died in childhood.  One (Samuel) had no children. George had 3 children, Richard had 4 children, Florence had 3 children and Violet had 7 children.  So that is 14 first cousins once removed.  As best I know, George had 1 grandchild, Richard had 14 grandchildren, Florence had 4 grandchildren, and Violet had 11 grandchildren.  So that is 30!!! second cousins.

Grand totals:
12 1st cousins
9 first cousins once removed from grandparents
29 first cousins once removed from great grandparents
44 2nd cousins

3) done above

4) there are some lines where I am not certain I have everyone, partly because of adoptions and other issues that have made finding certain people difficult.  I do care.  I would love to be able to find ALL my cousins, no matter how far removed they may be.  I would especially like to figure out the connection to all my DNA cousins.  

The other day I was updating my file with some 1st cousins once removed and 2nd cousins a 1st cousin once removed to me had entered into Geni, and I found out that one of my 2nd cousins that I didn't even know the name of before was my next door neighbor back when I was about 14 years old.  

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