Saturday, February 1, 2014

Twitter and the darn 2000 following cap

For the past few days I have been trying to get over the Twitter 2000 max following hump.

People follow me on Twitter and I am unable to follow them back.  When I try to follow them back it reverts to not following in a second. This is because I have 1795 followers and I am following 2001 people.  Twitter  wont even let me follow back the new people who follow me!  So, no doubt, I appear to be rude, not following back other genealogists etc who are following me.  I want to follow everyone back.  I really do! I want to see all of your Tweets about genealogy. 

Apparently when I hit 1819 followers I will be over the magic number for Twitter and able to follow more people.  I should hit this magic number today, then I can go down my list and follow everyone I have so rudely not followed up until now.  I should then be able to follow as many people as are following me +10%.

In the meantime, I have been pruning my Twitter following, removing people who haven't tweeted in a long time if they arent specifically added due to being a genealogist or some other good reason.   This lets me follow back a few more people to fill the void created with the removals.

Since I had added some people by mistake, some unfollows were easy enough.  For example, I am interested in "RVing", and ended up with some people whose name is "Irving" when I first joined Twitter years ago.  Some teenage boys named Irving are probably wondering why some crazy woman from Canada they have never heard of started following them! 

There is supposedly some rules and restrictions on following/unfollowing, so I have been doing this a few a day to avoid something bad happening.  Wouldn't it be crazy to get my account suspended for trying to clear enough room to follow back my legitimate followers?

I intend to figure out how to use HootSuite this upcoming week so I can better manage my Twitter.  

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