Friday, January 31, 2014

Geni and 23andMe were both mentioned in a great New York Times article

In this New York Times article, A. J. Jacobs writes about and 23andMe, two of my favorite genealogy things!  

He writes about how everyone in the world is related.  He writes about how he is in the World Family Tree at with over 75 million people in it, and some of the famous/infamous people he is related to.  

It is no secret that I am also a strong supporter of the idea of collaborative genealogy, so I'm happy to see it getting some good press.  I hope the article encourages more people to sign up and explore and MyHeritage.

He also writes about his 23andMe test and he invites others to test there and see if they have a genetic connection. Fascinating article!  It is no secret I am also a strong supporter of 23andMe, and genetic genealogy testing in general.  

I'm not so sure a clansman would be less racist if they learned they had colored cousins, but I think the concept is sound that, in general, people feel nicer toward relatives.  

He is also aiming to have break the world record for the most people in attendance at a family reunion.  I really hope to be able to attend this event in the summer of 2015.  So far, according to Geni, I have no path to A. J. no bracelet for the reunion for me yet (but I'm not worried, I have awhile to find one, and I'm good at researching families and finding Geni paths)  If I bring my husband and 6 children we are 8 towards the record right there ;)

A. J. Jacobs seems like an interesting guy, always doing interesting things, like living a year according to the rules given in the Bible, or spending 18 months reading an entire set of encyclopedias.   He must be my cousin somehow...

Check out 23andMe, and and see if you are related to A. J. Jacobs! (I bet you are, but can you figure out how?)

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