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52Ancestors #4: Sara Jansen

#1459 and #1461 and #1471
8th great grandmother of Kristina Hewitt

I'm a bit behind, but this is my fourth post for the #52Ancestors challenge.

Sara Jansen was also known as Saartje Jansen, and Sarah Jansen.

I was able to find Sara Jansen's baptism in the new Dutch Reformed Church Record collection at  She was baptized 27 Jan 1713 in the Dutch Reformed Church at Albany, New York. Interestingly, the godparents were Staats.  Wonder if they connect to my husbands Staats also from that area....they probably do!

Sara Jansen was the daughter of Jacobus Dirick Janzen and Marretje Cornelisse.

Sarah Jansen married Gerhard Dingman, likely in 1732 at Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York, USA.

Sarah and her husband relocated first in 1778 to Greene County, New York, and then in 1779 to the Machiche Refugee Camp in Quebec since they were Loyalists.   Sarah died at the Machiche Refugee Camp in 1782.

I am a descendant of Sara through her children Geraldus Dingman and Sarah Eva Dingman.

Since she is my ancestor 3 ways, I would really like to find out more about her.  One record (the baptism) really isn't enough.  Hopefully, as I explore more of my New Netherlands ancestry, I will find more information on this area and time period and maybe some more record sources. I'd appreciate any suggestions!

The children of Gerhard Dingman and Sara Jansen include:

Aaltje Cornelise Dingman

Jacob Dingman (1734-    )

Richard Dyrk Dingman (1736-    )

Jacob Petrus Dingman (1738-    )

Gerardus Dingman (1740-    )

Sarah Eva Dingman (1745-    )

Cornelia (1748-    )

Abram Dingman (1752-    )

Gerrit Dingman (1754-    )

Genetic Genealogy / DNA testing

The following descendants have tested their DNA for genealogical purposes:

Kristina Hewitt (23andMe autosomal DNA)

Richard Monette (23andMe autosomal DNA)

Jean Mulligan (23andMe autosomal DNA)

We would love for more people who are descendants of Gerhard Dingman and Sara Jansen to test there as well so we can identify the segments of DNA that we have inherited from this couple.  

You can read my post  Why take an autosomal DNA Test? or jump right in and Order 23andMe DNA kits for the entire family. Each additional kit is now 20% off.


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  1. Hello Kristina, I am delighted to find your ancestry page. Sarah Jansen Dingman is my 6th great grandmother and I am descendant from her son Jacob Dingman. My maiden name is Dingman. I most recently dove into the "Dingman" side of my ancestors and it has been full of many surprises. I completed a 23andMe a few years ago. I'd love to chat more about our heritage.