Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ellen Araminta Staats born 1874

Ellen Araminta Staats was born 3 Dec 1874 in Ontario.  Ellen Araminta Staats was the daughter of Nelson Hiram Staats and Mahala Stewart

Ellen Araminta Staats married John Pennyman.

Ellen Araminta Staats died 31 Oct 1904 in Ontario, Canada.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Marie Charlotte Chaudillon

7th great grandmother of Kristina Stewart
6th great grandmother of Richard Monette

Marie Charlotte Chaudillon was born and baptized 10 Mar 1738 in Quebec, Canada. She was the daughter of Pierre Louis Chaudillon and Charlotte Dumais.

baptism of Charlotte Chaudillon, Drouin Collection, viewed at Ancestry.com
Charlotte married Gabriel Monette on 19 Feb 1759 in Quebec, Canada.

marriage of Gabriel Monet and Charlotte Chaudillon, Drouin Collection, viewed at Ancestry.com

Charlotte died in 1818.

burial of Charlotte Chaudillon, Drouin Collection, viewed at Ancestry.com
The children of Gabriel Monet and Charlotte Chaudillon include:

Joseph Monette

Marie Cecil Monette

Marguerite Monette

Monique Monette

Marie-Josephte Monette

Known descendants who have DNA tested for genetic genealogy:

Kris Hewitt Stewart (23andMe autosomal, FTDNA, AncestryDNA)

Richard Monette (23andMe autosomal, FTDNA)

Samantha Stewart (23andMe autosomal)

Katelyn Stewart (23andMe autosomal)

If you are a descendant of Gabriel Monet and Marie Charlotte Chaudillon click here for more info on how you can help by testing your DNA!

Other genealogy links for Marie Charlotte Chaudillon:

As of Apr 19, 2016 I have 45 Member Connections for Charlotte Chaudillon with many more to accept.

Geni page : https://www.geni.com/people/Marie-Charlotte-Chaudillon/6000000024821415496

Wikitree page: http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Chodillon-5

Upcoming AncestryDNA changes - URGENT

As reported by many genetic genealogy bloggers there are some big changes coming very soon at AncestryDNA.

You can see some of the top genetic genealogy bloggers reporting on this at :

Here are some of the main points:

Your matches will change, you will lose some matches and you will gain some matches.  

Many matches will move down a category, ie from 4th cousins to distant cousins. This will change the number of people you can see in the "Shared Matches" list.  If AncestryDNA started letting us see ALL the Shared Matches instead of just the 4th cousin and closer shared matches, this would be wonderful!

Ancestry will make a way to get a list of your old matches that were lost, *if* they are starred or have a note attached by you.

My thoughts:

The Shared Matches feature is nearly useless since it only shows estimated 4th cousins and closer, so I'm not too concerned on that. 

I have 186 *pages* of matches, so if a few smaller ones that are possibly false matches disappear, so be it.  I am going to try to star and add notes to the entire set of matches but I'm not really worried.  

Change is good!  AncestryDNA wants their system to work for us (not withstanding their refusal to give us a chromosome browser) and they have devoted much time and resources to improving their methods for determining matches.  Database sizes are growing daily.  AncestryDNA has well over a million (I have seen 1.5 million reported) samples in their database.  As the databases grow in size, our time is best spent working on the higher, more reliable and easier to determine matches.  If you can tell me you already know the MRCA with the first 1000 (or even first 100!) matches on AncestryDNA, and have mapped them out, then by all means, spend your time working on those smaller matches.  No? Didn't think so...

The Randomness of DNA, another 23andMe match with a known common ancestor

I have heard back from an individual who is sharing genomes on 23andMe with me/my account.  From my posts on this blog they were able to identify the common ancestors with Peggy, which are Joseph Tysick/Margaret Cross. This is always cause for rejoicing, so lets all take a minute and rejoice.  

Now onto the randomness part.  This individual (hereafter called "PD") is a 4th cousin twice removed. One would expect a 4th cousin ONCE removed to share an average of 6.64 cM. One match is over 39 cM and the other over 32 cM.  That means over 71 cM shared.  This is much higher than I would have expected.  

I will confess I have not spent as much time on Peggy's tree as I might have liked.  So, possibly, maybe, perhaps, there is a closer connection  or at least a 2nd connection I am not aware of ? However, PD's mother has been tested and does not appear to be a match to Peggy (I can't say with certainty, as I am not sharing with this individual) and the known common ancestor is on PD's fathers side.

And before anyone asks, no, neither of the 2 chromosome matches are on the X.

Nothing sends a genealogist scrambling for source documents than something looking not quite right.  So you can all look forward to some posts with a ton of source documents, helping me piece together various parts of the tree.

I spent part of the day filling in new cousins on Peggy's tree, descendants of Joseph Tysick/Margaret Cross.  

Looking at the completeness of Peggy's tree for the likelihood that there is another connection we have missed shows me I do indeed have work to do on this tree! 

Peggy's "Ancestor score" is: (generated by HistoryLink from her Geni tree)

2/2 parents
4/4 grandparents
8/8 great grandparents
12/16 greatX2 grandparents
10/32 greatX3 grandparents
8/64 greatX4 grandparents (eeks, really? I'm taken aback by this)
12/128 greatX5 grandparents
16/256 greatX6 grandparents
27/512 greatX7 grandparents
49/1024 greatX8 grandparents
106/2048 greatX9 grandparents

I updated Peggy's profile in GenomeMate, and indicated the MRCA on the 2 matching segments with PD.  I then began working on the conclusions on the other matches in those segments.

More on this soon!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Jacques Lacombe born 1714

8th great grandfather of Kristina Lee Stewart
7th great grandfather of Richard Monette

Jacques Lacombe was born in 1714 in Quebec.

Jacques Lacombe was the son of Jean-Baptiste Lacombe and Marguerite Diel.

baptism of Jacques Lacombe in 1714, Drouin Collection, viewed at Ancestry.com

Jacques Lacombe married Elizabeth Sicard in Quebec.

marriage record of Jacques Lacombe and Elisabeth Sicard, Drouin Collection, viewed at Ancestry.com

The children of Jacques Lacombe and Elisabeth Sicard include:

Jacques Lacombe, born 1749.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Guiseppe Peverelli born about 1829

Guiseppe Peverelli was born about 1829 in Como, Italy. He was the son of Paul Peverelle and Angela Martinelli

On 4 Apr 1852 in Liverpool, England he married Mary Ellen Bradley, widow of Peter Poncia.

1852 marriage record of Joseph Peverelle and Mary Poncia

He was listed in the 1861 Census of England as a photographic artist, born in Italy with a wife named Mary and a daughter Catherine.

1861 Census

He was listed in the 1871 Census of England.

1871 census, page 1

1871 census, page 2

He was listed in the 1881 Census of England.

1881 Census of England
He was listed in the 1891 Census of England.

1891 Census of England
He was listed in the 1901 Census of England.

1901 Census of England
His burial record follows:

burial record, 1903

In the 1903 Probate Calendar his estate is mentioned.

1903 Probate Calendar