Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Geni World Tree hits 100 Million Profiles!!!

Today, 26 Jan 2016, Geni.com hit 100 Million profiles in the World Family Tree.

As I am a curator for Geni.com, I am sure it is no surprise to anyone that Geni is my favorite collaborative family tree site.  I am super excited that we have finally reached this amazing milestone.  100 Million profiles!!!  

I personally have added tens of thousands of profiles and merged many thousands of profiles that were duplicated.  If you are also a member of Geni, congratulations on helping with this great achievement!  If you are not a member of Geni, what are you waiting for? Join now and see how you fit into the World  Family Tree, 100 Million and counting....

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Today, I am exploring a new site, DNA.land.  

First, you enter your email and password.  Next, you agree you wish to participate.  Then you upload your raw DNA data and then answer questions about yourself and your parents.  They are very basic questions like name and birthday.

The obvious question here is what does DNA.land do for me that I don't already have.  The answer seems to be imputed DNA segments.  I'm not 100% certain how they plan to impute the DNA segments, or what this will mean to the output DNA.land generates.  DNA is inherited in chunks, but how they will identify the chunks or the advantage of the imputed segments is beyond my comprehension at this time.

After a short waiting period, DNA.land will give a list of your DNA relatives and also a report on your genetic origins/countries your ancestors may be from.

I will have more to report when DNA.land starts to give me my reports....

Friday, July 31, 2015

JK Rowling on Sunday Aug 2, 2015 on WDYTYA on TLC

This upcoming Sunday, JK Rowling will be the subject of Who Do You Think You Are (US).  I think they are just broadcasting the UK one they did back in 2011....Since I didn't watch back in 2011, I am viewing it right now.  

Anyhow, that made me look into my connection to J. K Rowling, so I went to Geni.com and asked it to find my path to her. 

After a minute or two Geni reports:

"J. K. Rowling is your ex-partner's first cousin thrice removed's husband's great nephew's wife's great uncle's second great niece's husband's third cousin once removed's husband's first cousin's wife's first cousin thrice removed's husband's niece."

Really? Is that the best we can do?  I don't even consider that a path at all actually, it goes through an ex from 20 years ago!  I have French roots and also English roots, surely there is a blood path somewhere but I guess I will have to wait to find it! Well, at least the path is colourful!

I wonder if she has done any DNA testing....it may be possible to determine the birth father of Louis " Volant" born in 1877.

I read the Harry Potter series to my two oldest children when they were younger, and saw the movies with them. Although "my" path to JK Rowlings is through their biological father I doubt they will be impressed by it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Aeltie Gardenier (maiden name unknown)

***12th great grandmother of Kristina Lee Stewart***
***11th great grandmother of Richard Monette***
***10th great grandmother of Jean Florence Mulligan***

Oh, how Ancestry.com can cause silly things to happen with the way it tries to fill in fields for us!  Aeltie was likely born in the Netherlands around 1590.  Not Europe, Fayette, Georgia, USA.  She did not likely marry in 1610 in New York.  She likely married Jan Hendrecksen Gardenier about 1610 in the Netherlands, maybe in or near Kampen, Overijssel, Netherlands.

Several people had a son, Hendrick Jansen Gardinier born 1566 listed for her in the Ancestry.com trees, but this is VERY unlikely since she wasn't born yet.  This person is likely her father in law....

Since her son Jacob Janse Gardenier was born in Kampen, Netherlands around 1615 it is unlikely she ever went to the New World at all.  

She most certainly did not serve in the US Revolutionary War either...And she most certainly did not marry in 1844 in Lincolnshire, UK!

I have absolutely nothing (sources, clues, etc) on this ancestor, except what was in others trees at Ancestry.com and also Geni.com and the internet in general.  

Known Descendants who have tested for genealogy purposes:

Kris Hewitt Stewart (23andMe, FTDNA Family Finder, AncestryDNA)

Richard Monette (23andMe, FTDNA Family Finder)

Jean Mulligan (23andMe, FTDNA Family Finder)

Toni Slocum (23andMe, FTDNA Family Finder)

Samantha Stewart (23andMe)

Katelyn Stewart (23andMe)

If you are a descendant of Jan Hendrecksen Gardenier and Aeltje click here for more info on how you can help! If you are a descendant and would like to have your name listed as a known descendant who has DNA tested please comment below!

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun! What Source Have I Used Most?

This is a response to Randy Seaver's SNGF for Jun 13, 2015. Fun? Oh no, this will not be fun! This one is going to hurt!  In fact, I'm not sure I should write this post at all....maybe, instead of this "fun" assignment,  I'll go wash the dishes....Oh well...lets find out how I'm doing in Source land....

I also use Legacy 8, so to start I also went to Reports>Other Reports>Source Citations and checked "Master Sources and Citation Summary Counts"

And then I waited...and waited.  So, while I'm waiting, let me start the excuses:

The problem is that my Source Citations...well...they are rather like my Locations.....I have duplicates.  Lots of duplicates.  It is all very messy indeed.  Some source citations are only on my Ancestry.com tree. And there are those sources that are only in the Notes of the profile from decades ago when that was the only way to enter the sources in FTM.  

Finally, the PDF is done, 272 pages long...and wow, yes, the sources listed in order of most used would have been handy! Maybe if I had went for Family File Statistics? No, that doesn't seem to have sources at all! Before I started combining duplicates the count=3474

My first look at findagrave.com was 203 citations. Here are a few others, selected as I thought they might have high numbers:
1920 US Census =3762
1910 US Census = 2324
1900 US Census = 1996
1901 Census of Canada =1061
Mass. Town births=844
1940 US Census = 402

I did a bit of combining of duplicate sources, and got the Source count down to 3324. Part of the problem stems from Ancestry.com having parent company naming issues.  They were TGN and Ancestry.com etc at different times, so the sources are different.

I thought it would be interesting to see how many citations I had compared to how many I "should" have based on having people in that location.  So I ran a search for people who should/may be in the US 1940 Census.  65, 297! Wow!

This exercise made me think about how many sources one would expect to have used...3324 seems like alot but....some of those are duplicates, and some are not "real" sources (ie it's a website, or an email where I received the information, and not an actual record). 10, 20 or even more sources per person is certainly not unusual.  Every genealogy book is a separate source, then there is the state census records, and often town census/assessment/tax records.  Plus each state/province in each country usually has its own birth/marriage/death records. Then military records, letters, postcards....not to mention newspapers!

Monday, June 15, 2015

FTDNA Autosomal DNA Transfer for $10 until Tomorrow Night Only!!!!

With the issues at Gedmatch, FTDNA has kindly offered us a significant discount on the option to transfer autosomal DNA raw data....Until Tomorrow Night it is Only $10 to transfer your raw autosomal DNA data to FTDNA Family Finder.  Go to Here and use code FTDNA1024.

This is a GREAT deal.  I hope everyone takes advantage of it!  

Free New York Newspapers

Today I was reading a post of all the free New York newspaper articles.  I decided to take a look and see what I could find in there for one person in my database.  I generated a search list of all the people in my database who died in New York. Then I picked one and searched for them in the newspapers.  

Read to learn what I found for Susan Maria (Learn) Zavitz (she was actually the mother of Alonzo Zavitz, who I searched for)

Why not search your own database for someone who lived or died in New York and see what you can find?