Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wanna Juanita Lloyd

Juanita Lloyd was born on 16 Nov 1918 in Dawn Township, Kent County, Ontario, Canada.

Juanita Lloyd was the daughter of Harvey McMaster Lloyd and Nancy Ruby Edna Mae Manery.

Her father Harvey McMaster Lloyd died on 15 Dec 1918. 

In the 1921 census of Canada she is living with her mother and her brother.  

Juanita Lloyd died on 25 Apr 1929 in Leamington, Essex County, Ontario, Canada.

Wanna Juanita Lloyd death record,  25 Apr 1929 in Leamington, Essex County, Ontario, Canada, viewed at

So sad that she died so young!  I am guessing that she never met or even knew of my great grandmother, her half-sister Lillian Townsend. 


1921 Census of Canada

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lewis S. Peverelle 1893-1916

Poppy (Canadian version) worn on the lapel,

Lewis Shambourg Peverelle was born 26 Apr 1893 or 26 Apr 1894.  He was the son of Lewis Henry Peverelle and Julia Ann Doyle.

I have been unable to locate a birth record for him, altho registration of births was required and had been for some time in York County, Ontario, Canada where he was likely born.  The parents registered their other births....

The first record I have found for him is the 1901 Census of Canada.

1901 Census of Canada, Toronto, York County, family of Lewis Peverelle, viewed at

As you can see, the census indicated that he was born 26 Apr 1894 in Ontario.  At the time of the 1901 census he was the 2nd of 4 children, and the eldest son. In this census, he is called Shamburg.

The 1911 census he is also called Shambourg, and he is listed as born in Apr 1894.

A partial transcription is below:

Attestation Paper No 798 (crossed out) then 59796 written,

1. What is your name? Lewis S. Peverelle

2. In what Town, Township or Parish, and in what Country were you born? Toronto, Ontario.

3. What is the name of your next-of-kin? Mr. Lewis Peverelle

4. What is the address of your next-of-kin? 27 Euclid Ave, Toronto, Ont.

5. What is your date of birth? 26 Apr 1893

6. What is your Trade or Calling? Laborer

7. Are you married? No

8. Are you willing to be vaccinated or re-vaccinated? Yes

9. Do you now belong to the Active Militia? No

10. Have you ever served in any Military Force? No

11. Do you understand the nature and terms of your engagement? Yes

12. Are you willing to be attested to serve in the CANADIAN OVER-SEAS EXPEDITIONARY FORCE?) Yes

The page was signed by the Lewis on 6 Nov 1914 and by the Magistrate on 11th Nov 1914.

The second page is a Description of Lewis Peverelle on Enlistment.

His apparent age was 21 years, 7 months.

His height was given as 5 ft, 3 ins.

He had a fair complexion

The 21st Battalion had a goat named Nan for a mascot. A full story on her can be read here.

Lewis' brother Oswald enlisted in the CEF in Feb of 1916

According to the Canada, War Graves Registers (Circumstances of Casualty(, 1914-1948 for Lewis S Peverelle he was killed in action on Jun 24, 1916 at the "TRENCHES AT THE BLUFF, YPRES" The # is given as 59796 which is the same as his Attestation Paper.

Circumstances of Casualty card for Lewis Peverelle, viewed at

He was buried at Bedford House Cemetery, in Zillebeke, Belgium.

There is a photo here of the original wooden crosses that marked the graves before the Commonwealth War Graves Commission put in the markers.

I really wish I had an actual photograph of Lewis to see what he looked like.

Images credit: Poppy on lapel: Skeezix1000 under Creative Commons license.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Does anyone know...? Why are Peverelle Glass Bottles called that?

I have decided to start a new blog series of posts "Does Anyone Know..." where I ask questions I don't know the answers to in hopes someone out there might now. This is my first of this series of posts.

Peverelle is a very unusual ancestral surname.  Does anyone know why Peverelle Glass Bottles are called by that name? Such as seen here ???

They come up frequently on my Google Alert for the name Peverelle....(yes, I know, I could exclude them from future alerts, but that isn't the point!)

Dear Myrtle is holding a contest

Dear Myrtle is holding her 3rd Annual Share a Memory Contest.  The basic idea is to create a video, slide show, blog post or some type of project to share information on an ancestor with others, who may not be bitten by the Genealogy Bug.

I actually already had a project in mind for Remembrance Day with my daughters, so maybe I will enter that :) I better get started on that....

You can submit more than one entry.  You can read the details on how to enter here.


The Legal Genealogist has reported here and Olive Tree Genealogy reported here on another case of someone copying someone else's work without giving credit to the original author. She is writing about the article here where the website states that some copied some of their articles without permission and without crediting them as the author.

Plagiarism is a serious problem in the genealogy community.  I know, I have had it happen to me more than once I was not impressed!    I am not talking about copying of facts such as a birth date or a marriage date, or even the copying of a photo or two, but word for word copying of entire website pages and other work I had spent weeks learning to create.

Please, genealogists, if you wish to use the work of another genealogist, ask their permission, and give them credit!  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

FREE, yes FREE Autosomal DNA Transfer to FTDNA

There is a very exciting new option today if you have tested your autosomal DNA at 23andMe (v3 only) or AncestryDNA.  You can upload your data FREE to FTDNA, and see your top 20 matches. 

If you refer 4 people to also upload their data FREE, you will unlock the full FTDNA Family Finder features. 

This means that you can transfer your AncestryDNA results FREE to FTDNA and be able to see matching segment data.  I expect this will be a huge success for FTDNA and grow their database very fast.

If you have tested at AncestryDNA, create your FREE FTDNA account, upload your data, then invite your top matches to do the same.

Here is a link for one of mine, please use it so we can get as many free unlocks as possible!

Once I unlock all the kits of my family members I will switch it out with someone else's until they get 4 and then I will switch it out with a new persons link, so if you you are going for the Free unlock please post your link in the comments below and comment a reply to your comment when you have received 4 referrals so I can switch to a new persons link.

I have unlocked 9 so far, for Richard, Brandon, Pauline, Samuel, Sandra,Tiffany, Toni, Donald and Malcolm.    The current link is for Peggy, then we are on to the people in the comments :)  

You will see a page like this:

You need to enter the name of the kit you are uploading and if they are male/female.  Make sure you are NOT logged into FTDNA already (even in another browser tab).  You need a new account (not a new email but a new login ID/password) for each PERSON.  

If you "Already have a Family Tree DNA Account" (with Y-DNA or mtDNA but NOT FamilyFinder) it has to be for the same PERSON as the PERSON who submitted the DNA for the upload you are about to do.  (ie. you want to upload your mothers data, you don't log into YOUR account, but make a new one for her, but you can use your email)

The page you will see after you upload your data looks like this:

Clicking on the "Unlock for FREE" button will give you a customized code which you can Copy to paste. As people click your link and upload you get credited towards the Free unlock, which you can track looking at the "Unlock for FREE button" again. It will be a popup box and look like this:

I would like to mention that at this time the transfers are getting their first 20 matches FAST.  As in within hours.  The website claimed 1 to 2 business days which was already amazing, but I have already received the notice that the first wave of matches is ready on two of the transferred accounts which were transferred less than 6 hours ago!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Global Family Reunion Challenge #3

The 3rd challenge in honor of Family History Month at the Global Family Reunion blog was to visit a cemetery you haven't visited and photograph the gravestone of an ancestor.

Sadly, it was rainy here today, and I don't do cemetery photos in the rain, so I'll have to cheat a bit.  

Instead of my own ancestor, I am going to do the great grandparents of one of my aunts.  Their names were George Thomas Gillingham and Emily Ann Dover. They were buried in Victoria Lawn Cemetery.  Previously, my husband and I photographed most of the stones at Victoria Lawn.  I intend to eventually upload them all to the appropriate Geni profiles.

George T Gillingham and wife Emily Dover, Victoria Lawn Cemetery, St. Catharines, Ontario, photo taken by Mike and Kris Stewart

I uploaded the photo to their Geni profiles.

It was a pleasure working on this family today.  I hadn't previously researched any of my aunts family and it was pretty quick to get many documents of her various ancestors.