Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Ancestry Explorer Map

 Going through my inbox today, I came across a post by Randy Seaver about Ancestor Explorer.  

I entered in my WikiTree ID and was shocked to see that it didn't work because apparently my profile is set to "Private" instead of "Private with Public Family Tree".  I fixed that immediately, and tried again.

This time I got a nice long list and it reported:

"Hewitt-615 (Kristina Hewitt) has 1237 unique ancestors and 244 duplicate ancestors (additional lines of descent from a unique ancestor) within 20 generations"

I then took a look at the map generated.  Interesting!

You can access Ancestor Explorer here.

I really don't work as often on WikiTree.  I do really like their DNA feature, so I probably should put in a bit more effort to get my tree there a bit more filled out.

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