Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year 2024!!

Today I am beginning by working through my Geni Tree Matches.  I had over 400 in "My Relatives" Tree Matches.

One of my plans this year is to stay on top of my inbox, and my genealogy matches.  This is no small task!

A quick update on Geni...I am now connected to 185, 080, 265 people in the World Tree

My "Family Tree" has 8,489 people in it.

My "Blood Relatives" has capped at 100,000 (the max it will search for)

My "Ancestors" are 36,420

I like to run the Forest Density Calculator as well, and have set that to run on my profile while I work.

As usual, I am writing this while working on the Geni Tree, and in the few minutes I have been working on things, the World Tree has grown by about 2000 people.

The current population of the USA is about 331 million.  This means that while our World Tree is pretty impressive, we are far from having one profile for everyone living or ever lived in it!

In the time since I started this post, I have had 2 merge requested accepted already. I am now down to 286 Tree matches in My Relatives.

There are 3 Requested Merges, 39 Tree Conflicts and 400 Data Conflicts.

The merges I have been working on were mostly "easy" type merges, where it is very clear the profiles are the same.  There were a few suggested matches that were not for profiles that were the same, so I unmatched those.

A third merge request was accepted.

Down to 185 Tree Matches now and its getting a bit harder. At 167 Tree Matches to go, I decided to switch to the Tree Conflicts which were now 51. I worked the Tree Conflicts down to 19, then back to the Tree Matches, which are now 161.

I had to leave the house for a non-genealogy related errand, and while I was gone, 5 more merges were completed by people.

It looks like other people are also trying to get their Geni trees cleaned up because I am having great success having people complete merges.   2 more merges were complete by other people, and I now have 18 Tree Conflicts and 121 Tree Matches.

I then moved on to the "Managed by Me" category, where I had 187 Tree Conflicts and 999+ Tree Matches.

Meanwhile, my (not Geni) Inbox now has 20,622 emails (not including subfolders). In my Geni Notifications it says I have 127 new requests. To be continued tomorrow....

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