Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Relatives at Rootstech

You can go to 

and get a list of all the people who are related to you who are also registered at Rootstech.

I currently have 2208 cousins listed, and the number is going up rapidly! While writing this it went up to 2226!

I am going to try the impossible, to message, friend request, and make sure I have added all my relatives who are at Rootstech to my Ancestry and Geni trees!

This has already worked well for me, as my 2nd listed cousin, who is a third cousin twice removed, was not already in my tree!

Five more hours to the Expo Hall preview....

*Update, Thursday, Feb 25, 10:30 am EST*

I am now up to 3080 cousins listed, and have found a new set of ancestors from researching my line with one of the first ones I contacted....

*Update, Friday, Feb 26, 6 pm EST*

I now have 4177 cousins listed but my system is now broken.  I was adding each person as a friend when I messaged them.  This way I could see when new people appeared in the list....but....apparently 19 is the max number of friends you can have!

I am really pleased with how much new information I have already added to my tree with the first 19 that I have reviewed....I have added probable parents to 3 ancestors already! 

I was considering a new system, where I added an Ancestry custom tag to each person.  I guess now I will have to keep a list, because if not, I will accidentally message the same people twice or risk missing people who were added since I started...

I really hope Rootstech is in person next year!

*Update, Friday, Feb 26, 9:30 pm EST*

My list now has over 4218 people on it.  

Geni also has this feature, which I opted in to.  I think you can try it at

I only get 21 people so far on the list generated by Geni.  Clearly, there are many people who are in the FamilySearch tree who have not claimed their profiles at Geni!

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