Saturday, March 2, 2019

Major changes in the line of Magdaline Bradt, wife of Walter Weaver

The other day I received a message from a Wikitree profile I had created, on Albert Bradt.  This message indicated that they believed that Mary Vollick, listed as the only wife in my profile was actually a second wife, and that the first wife was Nelly Markle, who he had married in 1816."from Records of the Reformed Church at New Salem, New York, Volume II (1815-1899), p. 3: 6 April 1816, Albert Bradt, son of Christian Bradt of Canada m. Nelly Marcle, dau. of John of Bethlehem."  She continued on to state that "Nelly's father, John Markle, wrote his will 5 March 1831, and it was recorded 20 Aug. 1832 in Albany Co., NY. In his will there's no mention of his daughter Nelly, so one must assume that she had d. earlier, but he does mention his two granddaus., Betsy Maria Bradt and Magdalena Bradt."

I had initially started to look into this thinking I would find another Albert Bradt, son of Christian, who had married Nelly and had 2 daughters coincidentally with the same names.  However, when I started to dig into Albert Bradt/Mary Vollick, I found the obit for Mary which stated that she was married at 24 yrs old and was born in 1801.  

Image from Christian Messenger at

I then looked at the will mentioned in the message, for John Markle and it does indeed mention those 2 granddaughters.


the marriage record to Nellie clearly states Albert was the son of Christian not Adrien Arent.

*added Mar 4, 2019*

Magdaline did not have a daughter Lillian.

Magdaline was born in Ontario, not Nova Scotia.

These two errors are appearing in many Ancestry trees.


Has anyone been able to locate the family in the 1861 Census?

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