Friday, May 4, 2018

Million More in May time again at BillionGraves!

As in the month of May in previous years, Billiongraves is running a contest this month.  

The Tier 3 prize is a DNA kit! This would take either 12, 500 photos uploaded or 5000 transcriptions.

It is important to note that the prizes are awarded to EVERYONE who meets that tiers required photos or transcriptions, so tell everyone!

I am hopeful to get to transcribe some more Ontario, Canada cemeteries!

I plan to transcribe while I am importing files to GMP.

An issue I have at the moment is that it keeps showing me photos I took in local cemeteries, but I can't transcribe them because they are not in English (Asian and Russian etc).  If I set the Language to only English I do not get most of the records, as most people do not set the language on a photo, they would just transcribe it.

This means I am seeing the same photos that I can not transcribe over and over, which wastes a great deal of my time.  I can transcribe a tombstone is well under a minute, but the going through ones I can't transcribe makes it take a long time to get 100 or so transcriptions.

You can read more about the contest here

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