Sunday, March 4, 2018

Reginald Peverelle

The second name on the 1939 Register of England and Wales for Peverelle at MyHeritage was Edith Mary Peverelle.  She was the wife of Reginald Peverelle.  I do have a Reginald Peverelle born about 1901 in my database.  He was the son of Joseph and Fanny.  I have a second Reginald Peverelle in my database, married to Edith Mallett in 1924.  I have no parents on this second Reginald.  They may be the same person.  The third and final Reginald Peverelle in my database is the son of the 2nd Reginald and his wife Edith.

There is no evidence that there were two different Reginald Peverelles in England born around 1901.  In the Register, there is a Fanny Peverelle living with Reginald, she is listed as widowed and born 10 Mar 1867.  Reginald is listed as born 24 Nov 1900.   Fanny's age matches up with the estimated age of Fanny, wife of Joseph.  I am going to work on the assumption that the two Reginald Peverelles are the same person (ie. Reginald Peverelle, the son of Joseph and Fanny Peverelle is the Reginald Peverelle who married Edith Mallett in 1924)

Research into Joseph and Fanny finds a 1891 marriage of a Joseph Peverelle to Fanny Newman.

Reginald died in 1977.

In the 1939 Register there are two presumed daughters, Ada E Lamb born in 1928 and Joan Hipkins born in 1924.  I'm not at all certain they actually are daughters.  Joan is listed as single, so why would she not be named Peverelle?

There are 4 records in the household in the 1939 Register that are "officially closed".  I would imagine 2 are for the children I know of born in 1930 and 1932.  The other 2 are likely other children I do not have record of yet.  

You can see my profile for Reginald here and at Geni here

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