Sunday, March 4, 2018

MyHeritage adds the 1939 Register of England and Wales

Exciting news that MyHeritage has added the 1939 Register.  I was planning to get access to this database very soon, but now that it is at MyHeritage I will be working on it today!  The main reason I wanted access to this Register is that I wanted to update my Peverelles.  There are apparently 4091 entries for Peverelle in the Register!  

I will work on them one at a time going down the list I suppose.  

First up is Ethel R Peverelle. She was the wife of Francis W Peverelle.  Francis W Peverelle was born 1879 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England in my files and married to Ethel Rose Angear.  I had 4 children listed in my files, but only had a birthdate for one of the 4 children (Ivan).  Francis William Peverelle is my 3rd cousin 3 times removed.  

The Register provides a full birth date for Francis of 21 Jul 1879. His occupation is listed as "Clerk in Holy Order Rector of Hampreston"

I hadn't worked much on sourcing this person, so I was able to add the 1881 England Census, the 1891 England Census, the 1901 England Census, and the 1911 England Census at  I was also able to add several Dorset, England Electoral records from

I was able to discover his death in 1948.

I updated the Geni Profile for him as I gathered more facts.

The next valuable info I was able to gather from the Register was the son Francis R Peverelle was born 16 Apr 1916.

One of the records was "officially closed".  I suspect this may have been Valentine Peverelle who was born in 1923.  As he just died in 2017 they probably haven't linked that up yet, and so it is being hidden.

By the time I was finished adding sources and filling in missing data, I had added birth and death dates to Francis, his wife Ethel, and all four of their children and dozens of sources.

You can see my profile for Francis here and the Geni profile here .

Check out the 1939 Register for some of your relatives today!

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