Thursday, May 11, 2017

New AncestryDNA match and I passed 5000 profiles at Geni !!!

I was excited to see I have a new AncestryDNA match at the very top of my 4th Cousins list.  It has been awhile since I've posted, so I thought I'd write a bit about that match today.

They have a short tree (out to their grandparents) and it took me a bit of work but I figured it out.  They are a descendant of William McKenna and Catherine Jennie Mulligan. The match is my 3rd cousin once removed. Our MRCA is James Mulligan/Jane Gabie

You would think this far along into things, I would have all the 4th cousins or closer entered into my tree.

I actually had to merge the two different Geni profiles for William McKenna and Catherine Jennie Mulligan.  This moved my number of "family tree" profiles from 4950 to 4989.   Adding in my new AncestryDNA matches branch of the tree bumped me up to 4994. Adding other relatives in that branch put me over the 5000!

I'm pretty excited about finally passing 5000 in the Family Tree profiles, so it prompted me to do a few Tree Density runs,which I will write more on later.

Back to the AncestryDNA match, I messaged them, hoping to get them onto FTDNA or Gedmatch so I can see the matching segments (Really, really, Ancestry, a !@$%%ing chromosome browser already please!)

I then went to the list of DNA matches in common with the new one, and was super pleased that the highest one had already uploaded to gedmatch, so I could now see the matching segments.  This first ICW match is actually my highest DNA match, predicted as a 2nd cousin, but actually my first cousin once removed, and first cousin to my paternal grandmother Jean Mulligan. There were 2 other kits managed by the same person and they are the daughter and granddaughter.  

Since I am still recreating my GMP database, since the computer crash months ago, I now entered the Gedmatch data for my father and my paternal grandmother, so I could indicate the matching segments.

I contacted the other 3 ICW the new match as I was unable to connect them to my tree.  

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