Sunday, May 21, 2017

AncestryDNA is giving great new matches with amazing frequency!

I now have one 2nd cousin, three 3rd cousins , and two new matches at the top of my 4th cousins.  My list of 4th cousins or closer is now 191, and it goes up almost every day! (In fact, while I was writing this my list of 4th cousins or closer went up to 192!)


I now have 7 New Ancestor Discoveries.  I am not able to figure out my relationship to any of them! I will write separate posts on each of them and see if we can get those solved!

I have 2 Genetic Communities still.  Scots in Central Scotland and Ulster, Ireland now has 51, 851 members! Their confidence in placing me in this Community is 60%.   I have 55 DNA matches in this Community.

My second Genetic Community is Early Settlers of New York.  This community has 279,685 members.  Their confidence in placing me in this Community is only 20%. I have 80 DNA matches in this Community.  

I belong to 4 DNA Circles, for Willard Woodman Slocum, Sarah Eliza McNutt, John Thomas Lloyd and Grace Elizabeth Slocum.

I have 377 PAGES of DNA matches.  There are 50 matches on a page.  You might wonder what I do with all these matches.  I try to contact each match and encourage them to upload to FTDNA and Gedmatch so we can see the matching segments.  I also try to see how I am related to each match, If I can add generations to their tree I try to let them know so we can see our Ancestor Hint. I have only 41 Ancestor Hints so far.  Since I have about 18,850 matches that isn't very good. I figure that maybe about half of all matches should be able to have a MRCA found.  That leaves about half the matches as "currently unsolvable" because they have a MRCA beyond a current Brick Wall of either myself or the match.  Some of the reason that many Ancestor Hints aren't appearing are: the match isn't linked to a tree, the match's tree only has 1 or 2 generations, there are errors in the matches (or my) tree.  Even if you only consider the 4th cousins or closer predicted matches, I have 272 of those, and only 41 Shared Ancestor Hints.  A surprisingly high number of matches have no trees.  

If they are at FTDNA or Gedmatch or 23andMe I mark the segments shared with our MRCA. Each time I can do this makes it easier for the next matches to be determined.

I actually believe that my AncestryDNA matches will allow me to break through my FRIAR brick wall, maybe even very soon! I'll write a separate post on that soon!

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