Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Free Access to the Toronto Star newspaper archives

As reported here by Gail Dever of Genealogy à la Carte, there is free access available to the Toronto Star archives until May 31st, 2015.  You can access the search engine for the archives here

I do not regularly subscribe to the archives as I also try to watch how much I spend on genealogy subscriptions and can't justify an ongoing subscription at this time.  I do have family, even direct ancestors who lived and died in Toronto so this will be a valuable time for me.  

I have already found a very interesting article.  Finding what you are looking for can be a bit tricky as there are often many articles containing keywords you wish to search on.  There was only 1 Peverelle article and it was great!  I'll report more on that in a different post.

There is also the opportunity to browse through the newspapers to see old advertisements and columns and see what your ancestor was possibly reading about in the newspaper or what happened on a certain date.  I will likely have more on that in another post as well. 

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