Thursday, March 12, 2015

Confirming SmartMatches at MyHeritage and more

Today I am working on confirming my SmartMatches at MyHeritage.  As of right now I have 136 SmartMatches over 26 trees.  All matchesI checked were correct. They are still being processed apparently so I should have more soon.

Since recently 23andMe has the option of linking to a MyHeritage tree I am using MyHeritage more.  I guess the plan is to wait on a SmartMatch with another tree with (23andMe) in the title.  My tree is fairly small here, with just 15 generations of ancestors and their siblings of each of the people I have DNA tested.  This resulted in 7169 people. 

All of my SmartMatches were for close relatives (grandparents, siblings, parents etc). 

Working on my family tree matches at MyHeritage has already led me to one correction in my database.  My paternal grandparents divorced and this was not in my database so I noticed this when confirming SmartMatches.  

One thing I do not like is that MyHeritage gives women married names they may not have actually had.  In two cases in my tree the woman had a child with a man they never married and they are showing as that mans last names in others trees. I have mentioned this in the note field when confirming.

Interesting, confirming SmartMatches seems to be adding more SmartMatches.  This may be because confirming one match gives weigh to nearby matches.  Or it may be because I was viewing the tree and this prompted it to look for SmartMatches.  Now I have 204 SmartMatches in 28 trees.

I finished the list of 204 Smart Matches and I have 203 waiting on confirmation.  

I should probably add some photos to my tree.  But I digress....

So I guess I have to wait on it to process more, so lets take a look at the RecordMatches.  I have 9699 RecordMatches in 52 collections.  I have 4328 Geni Matches.  (Interesting, where are the rest? Maybe my own profiles are not showing, and only those primarily managed by others?)  4327 WikiTree Matches. Hmm...I see, there is a filtering options. 1725 matches not being shown.

The Geni matches will take a very long time, because each time I confirm one it takes me to page to add details from the Geni profile.

Lets move past those two beasts, and look at the Newspaper Archive list, 135 matches there.

Then there is the 1881 England census, with 104 matches.

Then the 1891 England census, with 95 matches.

Then the 1901 England census, with 72 matches.

Then to Ontario Births, with 66 matches.

I continued for a bit confirming/rejecting matches and ended up adding a couple new ancestors on my husband's line that I had recently learned so they weren't in the GEDCOM I uploaded.  This gave me the first FamilySearch Match!

Now I am really down a rabbit hole, because I am now looking at matches at WikiTree, Geni, MyHeritage and FamilySearch and boy is the FamilySearch world tree interesting.....

Now onto the next day, still no new SmartMatches...I need to do something to hurry them along!  So I added the location my daughter was born and VoilĂ ! She got a new SmartMatch.  So, it would appear adding a fact will lead to faster, new SmartMatches.

I wondered if adding photos would also work.   Either it did not, or that daughter was too young and actually does not have any SmartMatches.  Lets try something else, if I delete a place and put it back....does not seem to work.  Maybe it is new info. It is not that the info has to agree with the others, because I just added a death location and got 11 Smart Matches, when none of those 11 had the death location I added.  

Any ideas on how to tease out more SmartMatches? 

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