Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Freaking 23andMe DNA Relative Finder Cap!

My aunt Julie's kit finished populating its DNA Relatives. This followed my daughter Sam's kit which received results a few days ago.  The problem is they both had fully populated before I had a chance to try to send out an invites to "save" the ones that were going to drop off because of the stupid DNA Relatives cap of 1000+ invited/sharing profiles.  As a result of this cap, they don't have any new DNA Relatives (not already sharing with me) smaller than 11 or 12 cM. 

I just want to see ALL the matches on ALL the kits on my account. Is that really soooo much to ask for?  

True, I am sharing with an insane (in some peoples opinion) number of people (8000+ I think last I checked)....but that doesn't mean I don't want to see more matches.  Matches smaller than 11 cM are quite likely to be IBD.  I do understand why smaller than 7 cM matches aren't displayed unless you are sharing with that profile (see my post Gentlemen, sorry but ... Size Does Matter).  I can always use GEDMATCH to see smaller segments with interested parties.

The problem is that to get good results we need to find multiple people who all match each other in the same segment.  So, 10 people who all match me and each other in a 8 cM segment may very well mean much more to me and my research than 1 person who matches me for 13 cM.  So, please, please, please 23andMe, remove the darn DNA Relatives cap already! It is making this genetic genealogist a sad, sad person, dreaming off the matches lost....

Now, of course, if you haven't already tested with 23andMe, then you have ZERO matches currently, which is a much worse problem, so consider correcting that after reading my post on why you should take an autosomal DNA test for genetic genealogy!

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