Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lives of the First World War

Olive Tree Genealogy wrote a post the other day about Lives of the First World War.  I thought I would check it out for myself.  

I like to use the surname Peverelle when checking out a new site, as this is an uncommon ancestral surname.  The number of hits I get often gives me an idea of how many records a site has.  When searching for Peverelle at Lives of the First World War, I get 7 hits.

I know who 3 of them are, and the other 4 will likely be easy enough to discover the relationship.  

I decided to work on Lewis S. Peverelle.  

The first thing the came to my attention is that a source is REQUIRED to enter in additional data.  It did accept a source from

I added a couple sources and facts, but overall found the site too time consuming.  For people who are very into military research it could be quite the great site!

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