Sunday, June 15, 2014

529andYou adds new features

The third party Chrome extension for 23andMe called 529andYou has added some great new features. A short summary of what is new:

1.  Links will no longer appear for making a new comparison when one of the matches has dropped sharing. 

2. If you hold down the Shift key while downloading the CSV file, it will include the 23andMe Ids in the spreadsheet.

3. "Turbo Compare" will compare 5 at a time from your ToDo list or from the overlapping segment lists.

I love this.  Love it.  I would, of course, have preferred it to do everything (all possible combos) at once, but I understand why this isn't possible.  I can live with it. 5 at a time is definitely better than 1 at a time!

4. If the Shift key is pressed when you click "Show Match Table" it will colour code the list. Red means there are new comparisons to be run, and blue means all comparisons have been run that can be run.

This is very handy.  

Neanderling, you have done a great job on this extension, thanks so much!

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