Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Great news! Geni will change Privacy rules on July 1st

Geni has announced that, starting on July 1st, there will be major changes to which profiles on Geni are Private and which are Public. Currently, many profiles of people that are deceased are Private by default.  After Jul 1st many of these profiles will be changed from Private to Public.  This will make the profiles available to be edited or merged with others profiles.  All profiles of living people will remain Private.  New profiles entered of deceased people will by default be Public, and new profiles of living people will be Private. 

I strongly believe this is a great change.  The World Family Tree at Geni is about to become even more amazing.  

There are many merges on profiles which can not be completed, simply because the user who entered one of the profiles is no longer active on Geni.  I am looking forward to watching the World Family Tree bloom into the wonderful genealogy resource I know it can be.

You can read the statement from Geni directly here.

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