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Born this day - Jul 28th - Boutelle E Allen

Boutelle E. Allen was born on Jul 28th, 1833.

Boutelle E. Allen was my 6th cousin 6 times removed. He was an Edmund Rice descendant thru his mother Wealthy Clarinda Brigham. 

When I started this post, I had the following info:

Boutelle E. Allen, b. 27 Jun 1833, son of Elijah Allen and Wealthy Clarinda Brigham.  Boutelle married Lizzie S. Whitney, Mary Pierce and Anna Jacquith.  No dates on any of the marriage, and no dates of birth, death or parents for any of the three wives.

Even as a genealogist, not much to get excited about there!

My source for the data I had was the History of the Brigham Family, page 138. A genealogy book is not the greatest source but it is a source.

I had already added this person to my family tree, so I moved to the profile and found 6  Historical Record and 1 Family Tree "shaking leaf" hints.

The first Historical Record hint is for the burial of Boutelle E. Allen 1 Nov 1902 in Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio. In fact, this was 2 of the 6 Historical Record hints.  I have noticed that Findagrave entries are now appearing twice in Ancestry hints, once for the actual page and once for an index page. This added a burial location, and a death/burial date.

One of the Historical Record hints is for his birth, as Elijah Boutelle Allen, in Townshend, Vt on 27 Jun 1833. This added a full name to the initial E, and also a place of birth.

One of the Historical Records was clearly not for Boutelle E. Allen at all.  Have to watch those Ancestry shaking leaf hints, sometimes they are great, other times, not so much.  They are especially likely to have "bad" hints if you are adding info as you go, as *now* we have a birth place that differs but before we didnt.

One of the Historical Records was the 1900 census for Boutelle and wife Anna J.  This is Anna Jaquith.  This added a birth date for Anna Jaquith of Dec 1851 and a birth place for Anna Jaquith of New Hampshire.  It also adds an appriximate date of marriage of 1875. It also adds residence data for both Boutelle and Anna of Columbus, Franklin, Ohio in 1900.

The final Historical Record hint of the original 6 is a City Directory in Columbus, Ohio for Boutelle's widow Anna in 1904. I had to be careful here, because Ancestry tends to hint that a person is actually in the City Directory when their widow is actually the one listed.

Of course, the Historical Record hints arent ALL the records at, just the highest rated ones.  After running the Search, the top record is a marriage record for B. E. Allen to Mary F. Pierce.  Lots of good, new information here! It indicates that her maiden name was Hansen (good to know!) and her parents were Asa and Hope Ann Hansen.  He was age 31 and she was age 27.  She was born in New Salem. It was a second marriage for both of them. His occupation was listed as laborer.

The next record is for a marriage of B. E. Allen to L. M. Whitney on 2 Dec 1859 in  Brattleboro, Vermont. Boutelle's occupation is given as "miller"

The next record that appeared to be for Boutelle was an 1880 US census entry in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio for Boutelle and Anna with two children, George, age 19 and Carrie E, age 11. There is also a Louis W Jequille, nephew, in the household. Boutelle was listed as an "ice dealer"

Clearly, there are other records for Boutelle that aren't appearing high enough in the search results.  I know there should be an entry for him in the 1850 and 1860 and 1870 census records.

To find census records when the target person was likely a child in their parents household it often helps to fill in more info on the parents. I added some more to the profiles of his parents but still didnt get any more Historical Record hints.

Next I tried to limit the Search to Census records. That brought up an 1860 census record of B. E. Allen and wife Mary in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio. 

I added the children that we learned about in the 1880 census, and still no more Historical Hints.  Tried limiting the Search to Census Records again, this time I find the 1870 census entry for Boutelle and wife Mary.  Boutelle was indexed as Bontelle Allen. Honestly, it does look like Bontelle on the page. Boutelle is an ice dealer, and there is a daughter Mary P age 12, as well as son George and other daughter Carrie.

Even limiting the search to the 1850 US Census doesnt bring up any likely candidates. According to the 1880 and 1900 census both his parents were born in Vermont.  Adding this info still doesn't bring up a likely 1850 US Census on his father Elijah.  

A quick search at doesn't turn up anything not already known. 

Next, I checked the Member Connect suggestions at
I accepted the two suggestions.

Then I limited a search to Military, since it seemed he may have had Civil War service and I find his draft record for the Civil War in 1863.

Finally, I checked the 2 Family Tree suggestions, and consider my research on Boutelle to be done.

If you are a descendant of Boutelle E. Allen by any of his wives, I would love to hear from you and please also read my plea for more people to take an autosomal DNA test

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