Friday, February 7, 2014

RootsTech Live Streaming Sessions

At least for me for the first streamed session and all others so far were a complete failure.  All I got was a black box, no sound, no video :(  I guess I'll have to wait to watch the recorded sessions, unless someone has some last minute helpful hints on getting the video to work?

Seems like everyone is having a great time out there!I intend to try to attend next year. It was out of the question this year with my youngest baby still nursing (she is only 6 months old!) It is also a bit more difficult for me to attend since I'm Canadian and Utah is pretty far for me to travel. 

Currently much of my time is being taken up by my descendants, and not my ancestors :) If I get to attend next year I'll be looking for ways for my husband to entertain the younger children while I go to Rootstech and possibly stay for a week or so of research at the SLC Family History Library.  

Mira, at 4 months old

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