Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Pembroke - Acadians fight back!

This post concerns events that occurred during the Great Expulsion.

On the 4th Dec 1755, 232 Acadians were loaded onto the Pembroke, and were destined for South Carolina.  There were only 8 English men on the ship.  They were travelling with other 6 boats and an accompanying frigate.  Bad weather separated them from the other boats and frigate, and the Acadians seized the opportunity to take command of the ship.

The Acadians took the ship to present day New Brunswick, and spent the winter there.  Some of the Acadians moved on to Quebec.

Below is a reconstructed list of the 232 Acadians on board the Pembroke: (work in progress)

Alexandre Guilbault family (10 people)

Alexandre Guilbault
Marguerite Girouard
Armand (dit Benjamin) Guilbault
Jean Guilbault
Gregoire Guilbault
Joseph Guilbault
Charles Guilbault
Marie-Josephe Guilbault
Ursule Guilbault
Theotiste Guilbault


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