Thursday, January 2, 2014

Marguerite Girouard

7th great grandmother of Kristina Hewitt

Marguerite Girouard was born in 1713 in Acadia (present day Nova Scotia, Canada).

Marguerite Girouard was the daughter of Alexander Girouard and Marie LeBorgne.

Marguerite Girouard married Alexander Guilbault.  

marriage record of Alexander Guilbault and Marguerite Girouard

Marguerite Girouard, with her husband and children,  were among the 232 Acadians on board the Pembroke destined for North Carolina.  The Pembroke story is quite amazing.

Marguerite Girouard died in 1757 from smallpox, after the deaths of two of her children (Jean and Marie).

The children of Alexander Guilbault and Marguerite Girouard include:

Amand (dit Benjamin) Guilbault

Jean Guilbault

Gregoire Guilbault

Joseph Guilbault

Charles Guilbault

Marie-Josephe Guilbault

Ursule Guilbault

Theotiste Guilbault

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