Monday, January 6, 2014

Samuel Stewart born 1884

Samuel Stewart was born 22 Feb 1884 in Stamford, Welland County, Ontario, Canada.

birth record of Samuel Stewart, Welland County, Ontario, 22 Feb 1884

Samuel Stewart was the son of Daniel Isaac Stewart and Elizabeth Grubb.  It appears that his mother and aunt Helen/Ellen Grubb were sister-wives as well as sisters.  

Samuel Stewart married Edith Tindale in Welland County, Ontario, Canada on 15 Feb 1815.

It appears that shortly after the wedding Samuel and his wife crossed the US border to visit Samuel's brother Joseph who was apparently living in Lockport, New York at that time.   Samuel lists his occupation as "carpenter". He was apparently 5 ft 9 inches tall, with brown hair and blue eyes.

border crossing record, 1915

In the 1921 Census of Canada, Samuel is listed living with his wife Edith and their 4 children (Dorothy, Mary Daniel and Stanley), in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Other researchers have indicated that Samuel died in 1936 and that his middle name was Daniel, but I have not yet seen any sources to confirm either claim.  

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