Monday, January 6, 2014

How I pick what to post about

Do you struggle to decide what to post on your genealogy blog?  Find that even tho you bore your friends and family to tears with chatter about genealogy when you sit down to blog you are struggling to get out even a single post a day?  

My blog posts are scattered and probably appear entirely random to readers.  I'd like to say that there is a method or pattern but that would be lying 

How do I pick what/who to post about on this blog?  It depends on the day really.  Sometimes it the post is based on whatever research I am currently doing.  Often, it is inspired by a DNA cousin who I am looking for a paper trail to. Sometimes I roll the genealogy dice and post based on that number.  On some days I post about the people who have SmartMatches or TreeMatches at  Other times I follow genealogy blogging prompts.

Some of the genealogy blogging prompts I follow are:

Geneabloggers Daily Blogging Prompts

52 Ancestors in 52 weeks

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