Friday, March 30, 2012

new 23andme results are in!

This time the results are for my paternal grandmother.

I share a great deal of DNA with her...34.5%!  The average grandparent/grandchild share is 25%.    

I must say I really enjoy watching the new Relative Finder matches appear!

Biggest interesting result so far is that my maternal half brother and half sister match my paternal grandmother in the same segment, indicating my maternal grandmother Doreen Knox was distantly related to my paternal grandmother!

With these new results, I can now sort all my matches according to which grandparent the connection is through.

Now I need to find at least 8 2nd cousins to test to start the process of sorting all matches to the correct great grandparent!

And of course, there is still my husband and his entire family to test :)

I really believe that genetic genealogy could help all of us break through our brick walls and discover new ancestors, so please consider autosomal DNA testing!

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