Monday, January 16, 2012

The results are in!

Today 23andme informed me that I had test results available.

I expected that it was for my grandfathers 3rd cousin, because his kit was received at the lab Dec 16th, but it was for the person who tested for me believing he is my biological father.

The test confirms it, he IS my father.  I have already written him a quick email telling him the results and will be calling him on the telephone in a little while.  My husband had just headed out to the store, and right after he left the results came in, so with 5 kids in the house Im a bit overwhelmed at the moment!

Wow, I dont even know what to write.  Firstly, I am sooo thankful that my father contacted me and told me who he was.  I believe someone gave him a little nudge to contact me again, and I am thankful they did that!  37 years is a long time to not know about someone being your father.  I have no experience in how to go about forming a relationship after all this time, but even just knowing is amazing.

From a genealogical viewpoint, my family tree just became MUCH more complete!

I am still waiting on his Relative Finder results.

An old mystery is now being replaced with a new mystery.  My grandmother's (!!!! still getting used to this) mother was born to an unwed mother and her father is not known altho apparently he was wealthy enough to leave a trust fund or something similar for the care of my great grandmother whose mother died when she was an infant.   I'll be posting more on this in another post.

French Canadian research hasn't been my strong point up until now, but I guess it will be a focus for me moving forward!  You can expect many blog postings on French Canadian genealogy from me in the upcoming months!

I'll be writing all my DNA cousins over the next few days as I am able to process all this data.

The question that has been going through my mind for the past few weeks is WHY did my mother lie to me?  I just dont understand why she would have done that, especially knowing as she did that she was dying.

Oh, the paternal haplogroup of my father? R1b1b2a1a2c !!!
His maternal haplogroup? H1c

Im soooo excited!

Some people wonder if I will now be "done" with DNA testing at 23andme etc, and the answer is NO.  I am still devoted to gathering as much data as I possibly can, if anything this gives me a whole new group of people to request tests from!

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  1. I'm glad you got your test results back and that they brought you answers and not just more questions. I helped a friend track down her biological father a few years back and I know it was an emotional experience for her.