Saturday, January 21, 2012

My New iPhone

My darling husband has bought me an iPhone! XoX to my wonderful husband!

A few weeks ago I mentioned here that I was hoping to acquire an iPhone. Several genealogy apps have been coming to my attention which caused me to think that this was something I would like have and to learn to use. Over the past few months I have been repeatedly disappointed by the still photos produced by the "photo" setting on my digital camcorder.

 I was also looking for something that would take good pictures of documents or pages of a book when I am researching at a library or archives.

 I intend to begin a great deal of local research here in the St. Catharines/Niagara/Ontario area. I was also looking for something that would let me upload photos for as I find myself usually unable to find the additional time required to transcribe the cemeteries I photograph.

I am disappointed to see that the app wont load my main personal tree because its too large (and its only an eighth of my actual Legacy file!) This leads me to think I may need to install Families 1.0. Im not sure tho this will work, as my file is larger than 300,000 individuals (further investigation on another page states users have been successful with displaying and editing files over 1 million individuals, which mine is not larger than...)

I am not certain if I should put Dropbox on my iPhone, because my Dropbox is very large, and would use more than my Iphone can hold? (I use about 30 GB of Dropbox space) Looking further into this, it appears so long as I dont indicate a file is a Favorite, it wont be stored on my iPhone, so this might not be a problem.

 What I am trying to do is get a way to bring my genealogy data to the library, access it and update it at the library, without a laptop. Not sure this is really viable, without getting an iPad as well. I keep two copies, one on and one in Legacy. Maybe what I need is Pocket Genealogiost 4.0 (no, turns out I do not , because I have over 250,000 individuals) Hmmm....

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