Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 11

The quest to find DNA cousins continues!
23andme sharing stats of us of today:
561 basic shares, 24 extended shares
my main spreadsheet has 591 entries now and is growing quickly (I use one entry per chromosome matches so many people who share segments in multiple places are listed more than once in the spreadsheet, so I actually have many more accepted shares to enter)
Whenever I get a RF decline it is so saddening!
Today I finished sending out all the public match invites for AF and RF on all 3 accounts as well as the daily 5 per account (so 15/day now)
I figure I will be ordering the next two or three kits in a few days.
I've set a goal of identifying my biological father within 3 mths of when I started. I originally planned on a goal of 6 mths but with the new RF/AF changes I think it will be possible much faster. I already have a few good leads (matches who I know much be on my fathers side) but still have a great deal to do!

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