Thursday, October 15, 2020

Changes at 23andMe

 Some seemingly very bad changes are happening at 23andme.  Apparently they have dropped the number of matches from 2000 to 1500, and the old method of sharing with someone or messaging them doesn't allow you to bypass.

You can read about it on Roberta Estes blog here and on Shannon Christmas's blog here

I am definitely not thrilled by this news! This is a complete disaster for people have have tested people who are no longer with us to retest (I personally have tested 3 people who are no longer with us to retest at 23andme).  Even if they did offer to retest using the stored samples, I would not likely pursue that option, as I would prefer to wait for significant advances in DNA testing, as there isn't unlimited bites at the testing apple with the stored sampled.

I am now downloading the aggregated files for all my testers at 23andnow now. Not really sure how much use that will be though, because usually I would go and contact the match thru their profile, which I could find by searching my matches list....

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