Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sandra's 2nd top 23andMe match Mary W.

Her top match is Andrew K, who we have already covered.  Her next match who is sharing is Mary W.

Mary W. matches Sandra is two nice sized segments of chromosome 8.  I am pretty sure this is a paternal match for Sandra. She appears to be on gedmatch as Mary B.

Mary is interested in figuring out her paternal roots, which are currently unknown.  The connection is likely Nova Scotia or Newfoundland.

I have done a great deal of research in Nova Scotia.  I ran a search for all the entries in my Legacy file of people whose birth place contained "Nova Scotia".  Of the 868, 125 entries in my Legacy file, 4897 of their birth places contained "Nova Scotia". 126, 191 locations are in the Master Location list.

I feel like there are probably at least twice that number of people born in Nova Scotia in my database.  They aren't coming up in the search list because A) the birth place contains "NS" not "Nova Scotia" or B) the birth place contains only the name of the town and no province designated at all, or worse: C) no birth place has been listed although the person was born in Nova Scotia.  

A and B can be fixed by a bit of work on my Master Location list.

C requires looking around people listed as born in Nova Scotia for relatives with no birth place.  I could of course get a list of all entries missing a birth place from Legacy but this list would be huge.

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