Saturday, October 8, 2016

MyHeritage DNA Matches and my top match at MyHeritage

First a bit about the new DNA matches at MyHeritage.  MyHeritage is matching the DNA from the raw data provided by the 3 main testing companies, so it works like cross-company.  

I liked that most of the DNA matches had family trees attached.

I like that MyHeritage said when the person was in your tree.

I also liked that MyHeritage shows that I have SmartMatches with the DNA Matches tree.

I didn't like that MyHeritage includes small segments in the total number.  

I have 474 matches as of Oct 8, 2016.

My top match is Aina E. She is my first cousin twice removed on my paternal side. Our common ancestor is her grandfather/my great great grandfather Elijah Edgar Spearman.  

I had already worked on this match at FTDNA.

MyHeritage reports this match as a possible relationship of 2nd cousin twice removed-4th cousin, 3rd cousin, with .7% shared DNA (49.4 cM) in 5 Shared Segments, with the Longest Segment 11.7 cM.

GMP shows me 4 segments, the 5th is smaller than I work with.

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