Sunday, October 9, 2016

Brandon's top FTDNA match

Lynn T - I have worked on this match before and gotten nowhere.

She matches in 3 segments, on chromosomes 3, 4, and 9.  All 3 segments are maternal matches for Brandon.  For the segment of chromosome 9 though, there is also a match with our maternal grandfather Lewis Hewitt.  So from our side we match in 2 segments on our maternal grandmother Doreen Knox's side, and then 1 segment from Lewis.  So we are not likely as closely related as we appear.

From her side, her father is also tested, he is Joe T. He matches in only the segment of chromosome 3.  So from her side, 1 match is a paternal match.

Her mother is also tested, she is Virginia. She matches in the segments of chromosome 4 and 9.  So, if you are following that, we have the following 3 relationships:

1- chromosome 3, Doreen Knox and Joe T
2- chromosome 4, Doreen Knox and Virginia
3- chromosome 5 Lewis Hewitt and Virginia

And that folks, is why sometimes 3 segments does not mean a closer relationship! And also why is it important to test as many people as you can.  If I didn't have the other relatives tested and neither did Lynn, we would believe we were much closer related than we likely are.

Both Lynn and I have extensive trees, but still can't figure out any of the 3 connections.

I deleted a bunch of emails that contained that surname.

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