Sunday, September 18, 2016

What a mess!

Today I had some sort of computer issue, which resulted in several things I was doing crashing in a distressing way.  Thankfully, it all seems to be running ok now, no idea what the issue was.  Actually, I did have an idea.  It may be that I was using almost 100% of my C drive. This prompted me to see if I could move files to my D drive, which led to me re-evaluating what is on my computer. 

In Dropbox I have 64.1 GB apparently.  64.1 GB!!!! And that is after I deleted quite a few large things from that folder. Since my C drive has 186 GB that is a good portion of my drive.  Yes, I know, I could get a bigger drive, and a better laptop.  Definitely on my list of things to get.  

In a perfect world, Dropbox would contain every file that I would take to a new computer.  So, if my house burns down with the laptop in it, new computer, download files and carry on.  I'd like to say that I am good with this and every file is indeed in Dropbox, and that everything is backed up to another physical location as well, but that would be a lie.  I do backup my genealogy program and my GMP etc but not as often as I should.  I backup maybe once a week, but not on a regular schedule.  This isn't so bad, because my genealogy program file is actually in Dropbox, so it backs itself up as well as the backups I do to zip files every so often.  In practice tho, Dropbox often doesn't actually get the chance to backup the file because of its large size and I'm always using it.

I also have a major organizing issues, and have files everywhere, in Dropbox, on the Desktop, in folders here and there....its a real mess!

So, today is the day I work on that!  25,773 Files, 590 Folders in Dropbox currently.  

One folder in Dropbox that is huge is Camera Uploads.  Since I have many young children, this is probably not a surprise
4,153 Files, 25 Folders for 20.1 GB

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