Friday, September 30, 2016

My top AncestryDNA match

At AncestryDNA I have 102 4th cousins or closer and 26 shared ancestor hints. Not great because I have 229 pages of matches at AncestryDNA!

Today's post is about my top AncestryDNA match.  Her username is lyniehow.

She is predicted as my 4th cousin, but she is actually my 2nd cousin twice removed. She shares 57 cM over 5 segments with me (not that I can see them because AncestryDNA refuses to give us a chromosome browser). We are in 4 DNA circles together. Our common ancestors are John Thomas Lloyd and Grace Elizabeth Slocum. She is a paternal relative.  I have actually messaged her and heard back from her in July, but didn't get to messaging her back so I did tat now.  I have asked her if she would consider uploading to Gedmatch and/or FTDNA so we can see the matching segments.

Now for the GMP part. First I had to delete the Ancestry relatives I had uploaded from AncestryHelper because I have decided to go with the imports from DNAgedcom for AncestryDNA. This took a long time, but I was worried about duplicates being created with the new upload type. With that done, I imported the 3 AncestryDNA files from DNAgedcom. 

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