Saturday, July 9, 2016

More about Ancestry Hints

Yesterday I posted that I do use the shaking leaf hints at  I wrote about the hints that I was given on a person and the new info that I had and how many other sources were not hinted.  

One problem that I do have with Ancestry hints is that they are for everyone in your tree, so you will get hints on your 7th cousin 5 times removed's wife's grandfathers second wife's father as likely as for your great grandfather.  This isn't entirely true, because the hints are generated when you look at a profile in a part of the tree but it happens more than is convenient.  When you go to attach the hint to get it off the list, you get more hints on a line you may not care about. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to sort the hints to show blood relatives only.

My hints climb faster than I can hope to clear them. Yesterday I had 112, 050 and today I have 112, 526. At the end of the day I will probably have more even though I will have spent hours attaching hints to profiles.

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