Saturday, July 2, 2016

Geni DNA matching - My Personal Experience

So far on my personal profile I have 14 DNA matches.  9 are to profiles whose DNA I uploaded from people who tested at my request. The remaining 5 are matches at FTDNA I have not previously worked on trying to find a paper trail connection with.  

The match quality predictions are only predictions, not written in stone. 

The 5 matches are Bradley, Roberta, Shawna, Michael and Becky. All 5 are predicted to be 2nd cousins twice removed.  Roberta and Michael are full siblings.  

I am going to consider each match separately.

Bradley: I can see at FTDNA we match on chromosome 14.  There is a path that shows him to be my 12th cousin 6 times removed.  This path goes though my father (good as he also matches Bradley) and my paternal grandfather (not good because Bradley also matches my paternal grandmother in that same segment of chromosome 14). The path goes through Bradley's mother (not good as I do not also match her).  I switch Geni's relationship path setting to find relationships to my paternal grandmother Jean and search for a path between Jean and Bradley's father David, and find they are 21st cousins once removed. Not related to the DNA match, David is apparently my 18th cousin thrice removed on my mothers side. My conclusion here is that either Jean or David's or both Jean and David's tree at Geni is missing their true common ancestor. Time for some research!  The first thing I usually do is to add the people to my tree, and look for source records.  I also like to run an Ancestor Chart at History Link for both people, and see what locations might be in common.  A bit of research turned up a set of parents linked to Margaret Slater who married William Quigley/Tweedley to be incorrect. After severing this incorrect link, I reran the relationship paths. There is now no known blood path between Jean and David.  There are some ancestors of David who are from Liverpool, England.  Jean has Joseph Herrington Townsend from Liverpool, England.  Unfortunately, he is a brick wall for now.

Roberta and Michael: Since they are full siblings I will work with just Michael. He matches all 3 of my maternal half siblings, but does not match my maternal grandfather.  Therefore we likely need to look for a connection between Michael and my maternal grandmother Doreen Knox.  There is a suggested path making them my 14th cousins once removed but although this path is through my mother it is also through my maternal grandfather who is not also a match. According to the chromosome browser at FTDNA this match is on chromosome 10. Rerunning the path to find a path between Doreen and Michael finds no blood path.  There is probably a connection back in Ireland somewhere.

Shawna: Shawna is adopted with an unknown birth father.  We match in a segment of chromosome 16, where she also matches my father and paternal grandmother Jean. She also matches with Samuel Knox, my 1st cousin once removed in an unrelated segment.  Her tree at Geni was not yet connected to the World Family Tree so there were no paths to explore.

Becky: We match in a small segment of chromosome 21.  She also matches my father and paternal grandmother Jean in that segment.  We are 11th cousins once removed but the path is through my mother so does not explain the DNA match.

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