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Guiseppe Peverelli born about 1829

Guiseppe Peverelli was born about 1829 in Como, Italy. He was the son of Paul Peverelle and Angela Martinelli

On 4 Apr 1852 in Liverpool, England he married Mary Ellen Bradley, widow of Peter Poncia.

1852 marriage record of Joseph Peverelle and Mary Poncia

He was listed in the 1861 Census of England as a photographic artist, born in Italy with a wife named Mary and a daughter Catherine.

1861 Census

He was listed in the 1871 Census of England.

1871 census, page 1

1871 census, page 2

He was listed in the 1881 Census of England.

1881 Census of England
He was listed in the 1891 Census of England.

1891 Census of England
He was listed in the 1901 Census of England.

1901 Census of England
His burial record follows:

burial record, 1903

In the 1903 Probate Calendar his estate is mentioned.

1903 Probate Calendar

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